I write because life is too rich and finite not to share. I've experienced too many life altering experiences and lessons thanks to others that have shared theirs, so I only see it fair to offer up my own observations in return.

I'm the founder and CEO of Foojee, which started in 2008. Most of my posts revolve around that. If you'd like me in your inbox, then subscribe (it's free).

Before I started Foojee I worked at Apple retail in Atlanta, GA as a customer and employee trainer. That's where I learned my love for teaching and distilling new tech into something useful. And eventually, I learned that people would pay for what I did, hence Foojee. But rather than setting out to do a solo thing, I knew I wanted to be part of a team. I've always preferred working in a team (maybe because I'm the middle child of 5). A team provides perspective, strength, and redundancies. A team also keeps you from taking yourself too seriously.

I'm a sponge for information, generally speaking, and if I'm not the one asking questions, I find myself evangelizing the truths I've discovered. (Have you ever had a nice office chair?! AirPods are as indispenible as a pocket knife. You should arrive at the airport 3+ hours early, trust me.)


As a founder/CEO of a bootstrapped business, I've done every role you can imagine. No matter if it was sitting in traffic to solve a crisis, joining an 11pm conference call to make a game plan for 2,000 employees the following morning, or compiling film scripts with strips of paper on a hotel wall, the purpose has always been the same: to be a steward of the gifts I've been given.

To whatever degree of progress I've had in life or work, it's really a result of my bruised knees, or learning from others. For some career highlights, here's a taste:

  1. Started doing video in house in 2012 with an iPhone on my living room couch.
  2. Consulted with some large companies on implementing a Mac program. Companies like an airline, private schools, national restaurants, and large creative agencies.
  3. Meanwhile our videos on YouTube have seemingly helped a lot of folks, which led our clients to ask for film projects. So we've done a bit of that on the side as a creative outlet.
  4. A fruit company also hired us to create video training curriculum for a global channel program.
  5. We scaled Foojee by creating the Foojee Cities program. Along with Georgia, we now serve in Alabama, Tennessee, and Colorado, and we've maintained an incredible remote work culture. The goal is to provide a framework for like-minded engineers/consultants to be able to do the work they love and not have to fuss with the complexities of figuring out how to run a business.

Email or tweet me, really. I'd love to meet you. And if you want to go for a bike ride, I'm in!

Overlooking Castle Peak near Crested Butte, CO