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Don't go to networking events. But if you do, do this.

I avoid networking events if I can help it. But like all business development activities, they can be worthwhile if you do them right.

I won't wax poetic on why they're terrible, you probably already agree. My main objection is that they're full of sales people selling to each other. Everyone is asking for something from everyone. So if you must go, know this truth: Everyone at a networking event is forgettable. So don't play that game.

The way to be memorable is to not ASK FOR BUSINESS the way everyone else is.
Rather, help the people you're interested in.

Don't talk about yourself. Talk about them. Ask about their company, their thrills, and their calamities, and go way out of your way to help them. Examples:

  1. Connect them with someone.
  2. Do some research for them.
  3. Text them that podcast episode or audio book that they should listen to.
  4. Email them that iPhone accessory or iPhone app that y'all talked about.

Nobody gives a shit about anybody at a networking event. So stand out by giving a shit about them.