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Yours Truly in Podcast Form

Yours Truly in Podcast Form

I've been heads down for a few weeks, but during that time I've been on a couple of podcasts talking about some of Foojee's experience with EOS and lessons overall.

  1. The Mac Admins Podcast diverged from their typical tech-related discussions to have me on to discuss the fundamentals of EOS. If you're pondering the concept or not sure where to get started, this is a good place. I discuss some of the issues we came across trying to implement it our first time, and how we changed our approach for our second (and successful) attempt at EOS.
  2. The All Things MSP podcast (below) was fun as we discussed things we shouldn't have done in our business. But shouldn't we have done those? Because in turn they actually made us stronger. :)

Until next time.

The All Things MSP podcast episode